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City Parks Guide 2015

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City and State Park Reviews and Information

City Parks Guide.Com is happy to bring you local and community park listings for every major city in the country. We also provide city and state park reviews, along with listings, locations and information. We have included pages for water parks, theme parks and amusement parks just to keep things fun! We also provide links to the various City Parks Departments and State Parks Departments across the country. Find your favorite park and read park reviews now by clicking the US map above to locate a park in your state.

City parks are an important part of every community. Local parks and open spaces offer a venue for concerts, festivals and weekend fun. From town meetings, to family picnics, city parks engender a sense of community. Far removed from the hustle and bustle, they represent the perfect get away.

City Park History

To understand the history of city parks in America, you should first understand the history of the city. Local governments regulate community parks and opens spaces. Through parks and recreation departments around the country, local city and county government decide where parks will be, how they will look, and the amenities each park should have. In the early days, city parks and open spaces served as community meeting places as well as serving to preserve a sense of natural beauty amidst the ever growing concrete streets. Today they serve the same purpose, but also much more. City Parks Guide hopes to help preserve this history and we hope to be part of that by offering an online forum for city and state park reviews, along with park listings, locations and information.

City Parks Today

These days, city parks, as well as neighborhood and community parks are more important than ever. This is a digital era where texting and twitter seem to reign supreme. The Internet has brought us closer together, it's true, and there is a lot of good information online. That is our forum, and we are one of the only websites offering offering city and state park reviews and related information. The problem is that the Internet has brought further from mother nature. Kids grow up faster than ever, so hang on to some of that innocence by visiting a neighborhood or city park this weekend. You can even return here to City Parks Guide to read and post your own parks reviews.

More Park Reviews and Listings

As we mentioned, we offer listings of city parks across the country, along with city and state park reviews, related listings, locations and information. We are also building Park Listings worldwide. Just see our "Other Parks" page for parks in other countries, as well as different types of parks around the USA. With each listing we provide links to individual parks, City parks and Rec Departments, as well as links to park reviews. We hope you enjoy your visit, thanks for stoping in!